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Hostel culture is so bizarre

Do any of you ever stay in hostels? I'm staying in hostels this week while I do some traveling in Colombia. I find the whole experience to be so bizarre though. Almost 90% of the people we have met in our hostels have been people who are traveling for months or years on end... just bumming around south america, often jobless. They seem to spend a considerable amount of time just hanging out at the hostel vs. going out everyday to see the city. I understand this to an extent, because if you're in a town for 1 month then you don't have to rush out to see shit everyday. But... how is this real life for these people?! Do they not have jobs? How do they pay for this? I'm sure a small amount of these people get help from mommy and daddy but some of them are in their 30s and 40s... I guess they must have recently saved up a lot of money and quit a job?

Seriously, though, so many hostellers have told us that they think it's weird that we're only here for 10 days. Of course I would love to see more of the country but I have a JOB and limited funds!!!!!

It may or may not be noteworthy that a majority of these people are australian

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