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Okay, wrote this last year, but I didn't have authorship privileges.

Another post on a random thing I just really dig - holiday edition! Long skirts known as hostess skirts, made popular in the 60s and 70s. An article from a few years ago says they're perfect for dressing up, but still practical to move in and you can wear flats with them and no one will know. Sure, Talbots makes them all fancy in silk and satin, but the real way to go is vintage. Do yourselves a favour and look some up.


I believe that hostess skirts deserve to be a thing. In fact, I think that an ugly hostess skirt party might just be the classed-up version of the ugly sweater party.

Etsy has tons of them. I personally think the most authentic and awesome ones are quilted (okay that one's kind of pretty - maybe this one too). Not sure why - maybe you could use them as potholders in a pinch or protect yourself from hot spills from your fondue pot or crazy casserole?

I keep thinking someone, someone must have made one printed with toadstools. But I haven't been able to find it yet.UPDATE: O Holy Crap


I did find one with olives last year though. I love olives! I would have considered buying it but it's too small. And now it's sold, but I've kept it up because it's just so great.


I tried making one out of some robin's egg blue satin once and it didn't turn out great. I really would sometime like to host a party just so I could wear a legit tacky hostess skirt.

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