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Easter is coming, so it's time for hot cross buns ( Stop snickering.). While some stores have decided to carry them all year round, it feels wrong.

For those who are unfamiliar Hot Cross Buns are a traditional Easter food originating in the UK. It is a spiced bun with dried fruit in it, usually raisins or currants, but they can also have candied peel. The "cross" part comes from a cross made out of short crust that is affixed to the top of the bun before baking, so it makes a light coloured cross.


Lately, though, more and more, I am seeing the cross made out of icing. It bugs me. What's wrong with the traditional bun? Does everything have to be slathered with as much sugar as possible?

I know, I am getting way too worked up about pastry.

Anybody else have pet peeves about people changing traditional foods?

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