Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Bestie and I went thrift shopping and garage sale-ing today. We went looking for a dresser for BabySmacks and didn’t find one, but came home with a pair of boots each (Bestie found knee-high Frye boots!), a big stack of YA books, a boxful of embroidery thread and beads, a 3qt copper-bottom pan with lid, a couple shirts for the boys, and...

A Dell laptop! Free!! It’s an older one that runs Windows XP, but still works fine. Sadly, the charger the lady gave us is not the correct charger for it, but I am really hoping we can track down one that will work. My 13 year old (LS3) is ecstatic to have a computer he can mess with and more or less call his own.


I think we spent all of $10, because all but 1 book, 1 pair of boots, and the pan were at this garage sale that had a giant FREE, EVERYTHING MUST GO sign out front. The lady said she was just going to donate everything that hadn’t sold, anyway, so why not just give it away? Next time we have a garage sale we’re going to do that. It’s a great idea!

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