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I am pleased with myself tonight. It's getting to the end of the month as far as food money is concerned, and I have $3 left on the card. So it's "what can I do with random stuff I already have" for dinner the next 5 days.

I had some fruit that needed to be used up, namely, 4 bruised apples, 3 overripe pears, and a can of peaches that somebody opened this morning, ate 1 peach slice, and decided that wasn't what they wanted so it got left on the counter all day. Also, one lonely clementine. So I chunked up all the fruit and dumped it into a pan, squeezed the juice from the clementine over, added half a cup of brown sugar, a teaspoon of cinnamon, and a dash of ground cloves. Simmered for an hour, put through the Foley mill, and simmered again for 15 minutes. Voilà! Fruit sauce.


I made a big pot of Mighty Tasty hot cereal (it's a mix of sorhgum, rice, corn and... something else... buckwheat, maybe? which has a consistency similar to cream of rice cereal) while this was going on, and added a bit of brown sugar, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon to that, too. Topped the cereal with the fruit sauce and devoured. So good!

3 of the 4 kids had big bowls of it, too. TeenChild turned up his nose and opened a can of green beans, so, whatever.

Question... since I'm going to be being creative with whatever I have on hand the next few days, with no way to get anything new, shall I post my creations every night? Or will that just get annoying?

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