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Remember Rashida Jones’s documentary about the amateur porn industry? It’s a series now.

The first episode is about women directors in the porn industry and it’s all what you’d expect, women who work hard to change the objectification dynamic that’s normal in porn now.


But the second episode about Tinder and ghosting, LAWD. It follows a 40 year old former reality TV show douchebag who dates girls half his age and ghosts them the second his ego is slightly hurt. I think it’s giving me residual online dating anger. Like even at the end when he seems to get a bit of self-awareness of what an asshole he is, I’m totally convinced the guy went out and found another college student to convince to develop feelings for him and threw her away as soon as she was inconvenient.

The rest of the series is fine, but my god the Tinder guy just made me Hulk Smash.

ETA: It looks like Buzzfeed had a little follow up with him. He’s still a jerk, imo.

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