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hot sauce

hello wonderful folks and happy Friday! The Carbs household has had a doozy of a week and I'm already sitting here on the couch in my bathrobe, msnbc on in the background, frozen pizza ready to go, and wine delivery en route via Mr. Carbs.

I got posting privileges!!! Whoaaaaa. Not to sound silly but, I feel so special. Thanks wonderful mods! I was obsessively checking, since I requested, so I was so happy today at lunch when I saw it.

Anyways, food. What is your hot sauce preference? Red hot, Tabasco, Texas Pete, Crystal, Cholula? Something else? I'm sure I've omitted plenty. I'd love to learn of new ones!


Do you have different hot sauce preferences for specific foods? We always have Frank's Red Hot in the house (I really do put that shit on everything!!), while Mr Carbs prefers Cholula for eggs. I love Sambal Oelek and Frank's on pasta and rice. I love Tabasco so so much but it's kind of pricey for a tiny bottle and it never lasts the weekend here lol.

Share with me your hot sauce feelings!

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