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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Hot Sauce Poll

Because it's Friday and These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (see: all the mentioned hot sauces). Vote, fight, whatever. For the record, I cannot figure out what the weird text is but if I delete it, no poll!

<a href="


">What hot sauce brand/type is the best?</a>

I am geographically limited in my hot sauce tastes, because I was born in Texas, raised in SC where nothing there is remotely spicy enough, and now live in Louisiana. My favorite for general, put on whatever use, is Crystal, with Louisiana at a close second. When I want to add heat but little flavor I use Tabasco. When I am off-setting a sweet flavor, my go-to is Sriracha (or in most Asian-inspired meals. I also use Sambal for this function but I don't consider it a hot sauce, per se...). Cholula and Valentina are deployed when I am looking for southwest, Tex-Mex sort of flavors, and Cholula (particularly the garlic flavor) is my favorite when I am dipping things around my kitchen into hot sauce as a snack.

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