Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Necessary disclaimers: 1) by “Bernie Bros” I do not mean anyone who liked/s Bernie, I mean THAT CERTAIN TYPE. 2) I voted for Bernie in 2016! Not for me this year, but I’m not ANTI-Bernie. 3) I do not think supporting Yang is a character flaw or means you’re going to become one of THESE PEOPLE:

The article on The Slot about Yang is LOADED with brand new commenters defending him and criticizing the author, in a style familiar to anyone who had a brief sexual interest in a libertarian poli sci major in college and listened to his shit.

I know that his fans are #extremelyonline and whenever there is a place to defend Yang, they convene on Reddit and head there. The viciousness of it is...familiar...and I worry there is a squadron of people who, if and when he is not the nominee, go fucking berserk and do their best to burn the whole thing down on the way to 2020.


Anyway, I am having some de ja vu here.

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