Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

What better way to get through a cold spell than with some HOT TAKES?!??

Give me your potentially controversial opinions, GT! Let’s heat it up in here

Here is mine:

Blue jeans are terrible.

They are always touted as this super comfy classic look but you know what? They’re impossible to shop for, super hard to find a size that’s perfect for you, have major structural flaws (i.e. they always rip at the knee), and ARENT THAT COMFORTABLE. Like sure, an amazing pair is pretty comfy. But more comfortable than say, yoga pants or a comfy skirt and tights/leggings? NOPE. And as we discussed on another thread, they are NOT warm or great in cold weather.


Why would you wear them when for instance, a skirt and tights is a) warm b) makes you look more dressed up when you’re not c) very flattering and d) more adjustable if you gain/loseweight/are bloated.

Now are they a classic look and so great with sweatshirts and tshirts and what not? Sure! But are they the best pant ever that we should have this undying nostalgic loyalty to and convince ourselves they are better than they are? nope!  ARE WE 19th CENTURY COAL MINERS AND FARMERS??? NO???? THEN LETS WEAR SOME NEW PANTS/SKIRTS/OUTFITS

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