So, remember how my face was not doing so hot? It got worse. I woke up this morning and my eyes were almost swollen shut and the rash had spread to my other cheek. But! I went to see the pharmacist and came home with what appears to be a miracle in a tube.

So I thought I'd tell you all about it, because it works like a hot damn. And it's all-natural and steroid (and fragrance and paraben and pthlalate) free. It's called Body Repair Balm by Skinfix and the active ingredients are zinc oxide, colloidal oatmeal, almond oil and allantoin. I was skeptical, but it has almost completely healed my skin in about four hours. And! It's steroid-free, so you can reapply it as much as you need.

ETA: I tried using some 0.5% cortisone cream earlier and it did nothing. Also, this balm is specifically for eczema and dermatitis, so if you suffer from that, might be worth a shot!