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Hot water bottles and apes...random ramblings of a rumbling lion

  • Saw dawn of the planet of the apes yesterday, and saw it was good. Just the lack of women peeved me out. Not even Caesar's wife had a name. *sighs*
  • I fly to comic con on Tuesday. There is so much to do, so much to see, so many people...I am a bit stressed, and scared.

I have a bad conscience because I have no fucks to give anymore atm for my PhD. Nothing worked, we just scrapped my developed method, no antibody left, machine broke down, a conference, dozens of meetings, and all in three weeks. I can't. I just CAN'T! I had hoped to be finished by now...I think Christmas sounds like a good date to hand in...

  • We had a beautiful and poetic weather forecast for this weekend: "With an expected high of around 5 degrees Celsius today, the MetService is forecasting a miserable weekend for Christchurch which will carry through until Wednesday." The weather shows its best side, I cannot wait for the flight, and I have not even remotely packed. Thing is...Tuesday feels like it is as far away as Christmas. It's just not there yet.
  • Sobek just ordered a purple Lei for the wedding. Do I agree? I guess so?
  • Hot apple cinnamon cider: one or two glasses?

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