Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

so i could have sworn someone just posted about this show but i can't find it so IMA MAKE A NEW POST!

i just watched the 4 episodes of The Musketeers that are available and I must say, D'Artagnan is D'amn FINE. like FOIINNEE. i have had a masive crush on that actor since he was Freddy in Skins a while back and I must say that half open to the navel leather shirts are a good look for him. mmmhhhmmmm

other than that... why is olde timey france so full of englishmen?

the king is a weird looking baby

the queen is a Sexy Baby (TM)

the fighting is alright... but the plot is better than i thought it would be but still pretty thin.


w/e let's be real I'm in it for that sexy lil D'artagnan. mmm yes

anyone else been watching it? do tell!

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