Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'll start by acknowledging that it's really annoying to hear someone complain when you aren't in the position to even consider owning your home and I apologize for that.

We just started actually going to look at houses recently. We are at the point where our rent is getting close to the price of a mortgage on a modest home. On top of a string of bad neighbors in our building we decided to seriously start looking and possibly leave the apartment we've shared for 5-6 years.


Dear god the dark magic that some of these agents use when they stage, write descriptions, and take photos. One had life size 3d tile in the bathroom of human faces. Not that it would stop me from buying but it makes you wonder the thought process of the original owner. Another had a stairwell to the upstairs that was less than a foot wide that reminded me of a nightmare. The last one we didn't even go into because there was a highway billboard in the front yard.

I feel like I was in a humorous background sequence to explain in a horror movie why the couple bought the haunted house where a massacre occurred.

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