Let’s talk about living spaces and reasons you’ve turned down certain homes!

I’m in the middle of looking for rental houses (or anything that’s not an apartment), and it’s a slog. Last week, I went to go look at a duplex that checked off all of the boxes on what I wanted: in my price range, great neighborhood location, dog-friendly, has the appliances I want. Everything about this place looked good on paper, and then I showed up.


The management company is a small one that flips houses, and they just renovated this space. It used to be a couple of studio units, but they tore down a few walls to open it up a bit more into a really decent one bedroom home. But when they did that, they also left an extra door to the outside in the bedroom. I actually thought it was kinda funny and called it the cheatin’ door. But the thing that became my dealbreaker was the address itself; it’s got a half address because it’s a house that the owners of the house on the main street built instead of having a garage. So it sits in the alley with this unofficial address that isn’t even identified on Google Maps. I gave it a lot of consideration because I really do love that neighborhood and it’s in a really easy location for me to get to everything I need without much trouble. But it’s going to become way too much of a pain in the ass to constantly have to explain to all delivery people and visitors, “No, not that house. The house in the alley. Yes, there’s a house in the alley, you can sort of see it. It’s got a half address, it’s complicated. You know what? I’ll just come meet you on the street.”