They told me they can finally get excited about us house hunting because we are looking in one of the three or four Chicago neighborhoods they approve of. Mind you we have already looked at 9 houses in three neighborhoods but now they can get excited for us. If any of you have heard my complaints about my in laws I'm sure you can guess what standards must be met in order for a neighborhood to meet their approval, white. Well not just white. White, Irish, Catholic. Forget that one of the neighborhoods they keep suggesting has terrible schools and high crime that is okay because they have good "Catholic values" (see also white Irish.)

The other part is they keep telling us that we should get as far from "urban" areas as possible because once we have kids we won't want to go out ever again. Hear that. Once I have a kid we are going to stay home all the time and having a social life "won't be important" anymore.

Note: I don't want to reveal too much and identify myself. I'll be clear to say that neighborhood we are looking in is actually as close as you can get to 50/50 in Chicago but they are excited more because the neighborhood is a bit of a status thing to say you live there.