I'm so upset I don't even know what to say and I really don't want to get mad around my friends and family. I have been looking to buy a home for a couple months now. My process was basically going out with my realtor, making a list of the few properties I wanted to show my parents, and ultimately take them (last weekend).

There was a pretty clear winner at that time (my second showing). I needed a couple days to get the financial specifics together, look at comps, and figure out my offer. My grandmother also happened to be coming to my city (the largest city from where she and my parents live about 70 miles away) yesterday for a doctors appointment, so we decided it would be great to show her the house and then make my offer.

So my realtor called the selling realtor and told him she was setting up a third showing, asked him for the code to the out building, and asked that he let us know when he received other offers.

We went yesterday, wrote the offer, and my realtor called the selling realtor on her way back to her office with my bid and he told her that they had received another offer the day prior and that the sellers have already submitted a counter offer. So if the other buyer's take the counter, it doesn't matter at all if my offer was higher, that's still what is locked in.

What incompetent selling realtor advises a seller to lock themselves into a counter offer when he knows that there's a third showing happening the next day that could very likely result in an offer? I'm so upset about this I can't even think straight. My agent was pretty pissed too when she called me since he didn't even say anything to her after she told him we wanted to know if there were any offers or special interest. I put in my best offer (full asking price + 2% towards closing costs), but in order for me to have a fighting chance, the other buyers have to counter the sellers counter offer and then they have to like mine. It's just feeling really hopeless.

I'm trying to be optimistic "if it was meant to be then it'll work out" since it could still go my way but I'm also trying to think about what I'll do if it doesn't. I'm not getting kicked out of my apartment. I don't want to be desperate on the purchase so I'll probably sign another 6 month lease and just take off a couple months and start over. I'm such a superstitious person, so I'm thinking because I talked too much about it, or told too many people about it, that the whole thing isn't going to go in my favor. It just sucks and I'm so sad and mad at the selling agent.


I think I just need gifs and stuff.

ETA: Now the "You should have put in your offer earlier" texts are starting to come in from friends and family and I've gotten pretty much inconsolable.