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Is anyone up for a little GT group bonding project?! I have a modest proposal: if we-a group of fabulous, independent women (and a few men) -all work together, we can disassemble this amazing house I want to buy, brick by brick...and then reassemble it 50 miles closer to civilization! And you can all totally stay over whenever you want! IT WILL BE SO FUN AND ENERGIZING, YOU GUYS!!!

So I went to look at this house today, even though I knew it was too far from the city to make much sense. I’m operating on the assumption I’ll be able to find a regional-level position again if I really put my mind to it, so it won’t really matter where I live...but it is soooo far from anything useful. The closest Grocery store, restaurant that isn’t McD’s, Doctor’s office is 15 miles away. Hell, even Walmart is 15 miles away. It’s an hour & a half outside of the city. BUT. It’s $20k LESS than the other house I’m considering, and it’s double the size, and that’s just the asking price! And it’s in a super cold market!



So, I’mma need you all to pitch in, GT! Let’s do this!

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