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House of Cards S3- I am Destroyed *spoilers*

Just wasting space here because my opening para is the biggest spoiler of all time! So...how about those bullies eh? I get a bunch for my precious pug and he loves those little sticks of bull testes!! If you haven't gotten any you really should try it out. They just chew, chew, chew to their hearts content. It's rather cute. And oh so quiet. I can get some house chores done!!

Okay...should be good....read on if you have completed the whole, entire season 3.


Just finished the current season of House of Cards and I am destroyed. So many questions. So much to absorb. The season began and ended with devastation. What has happened to my Claire? What will become of my favourite WASP?! And the best political couple in Washington is no more!!

Claire's progression this season was incredible. She attempted to seize her opportunity for significance and independence. But it was the wrong move, it was the desperate move. UN Ambassador? I love ya Claire, you are brilliant, savvy, and bold but this job description is a tiny bit out your league at this time and being married to the president is a hindrance of mountainous proportions and was discovered. Besides, who are we kidding? Claire's aspirations were much higher than a an ambassadorship.

Another problem for Claire was that she gave in to her conscience and better moral judgement at a critical time. I was so...shocked and disappointed. When Claire needed most to make to the difficult (morally wrong) decision she went the opposite direction. I respect her. But I saw that coming and the inevitable consequence to that action. Fuck.

Francis is not getting Husband of the Year Award. Tyrannical dictator! WTF was he doing this term?! Yes, he deferred to Claire's judgement as always but there were moments where he seemed to be subjugating her which entirely opposite of how that marriage works. The presidency is home wrecker of a job. And Francis is too susceptible to the intoxication of power.


I had such mixed feelings when Claire so elegantly said "Francis, I'm leaving." at the end of the final episode for the season. On one one had I was 150% behind Claire - the marriage has been on the rocks all season. On the other I was devastated to see the end of the greatest power couple on television. It is about to hit Frank like a bomb. Ugh.

Despite it all I still love Claire and Francis and I can't wait for Season 4. You think Claire is going to run for the Republicans?

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