So I finally gave in and started watching House of Cards. I was expecting to get bored and click over to Game of Thrones or one of my many other fantastical distractions. Holy shit I am hooked. *For real do not read further if you haven't seen the season 2 premiere*

I just finished the season 2 opener and OH MY GOD HE PUSHED HER IN FRONT OF A TRAIN. I kinda saw it coming but I also didn't think it would happen and when it happened I literally said OH SHIT out loud in my living room by myself. He has officially murdered TWO people. I I thought this show was going to be about poncy political intrigue not people straight up murdering each other. He is the WORST.

Also, Claire? "I will let your baby wither and die inside you"? Fucking cold. Wow. She is terrible. But also really cool. You don't get that in a lot of female characters.

I love love love this show. So thank you, all of you GTers who kept telling me to get on this because it is a masterfully made drama.