Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

House offer, accepted!

So, it looks like I am still fooling everyone into thinking I’m adult enough to be a homeowner, because my offer on the house was accepted! I’m totally excited, but also still in a bit of shock. The owner took a while to accept because she has been in the house forever, raised her kids there, and is apparently rather emotional about selling (totally understand). She had even previously rejected a full-priced offer from a developer because she felt that was too soulless. My realtor made the case for me that I love the character of the house and want to restore it, but keep the touches that make it special. It’s really true - I see so much potential for the place, just working with the really interesting features. It just needs some TLC (and paint and new flooring and for all the wall paneling to go away).

I’m still pinching myself. And also crossing my fingers that the inspection goes well...but holy shit! I’m going to own a house!


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