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Hi GT! I recently bought a house, and as I’ve been decorating it I’m thinking that I would like to have some house plants. I’ve done lots of outdoor gardening (mostly vegetables and easy wildflowers), but never had an indoor plant. But in looking at decor inspiration I realized that I am very drawn to interiors with green vegetation. Additionally, I have moved to a place with a long snowy winter, so I’m thinking some green will be a welcome sight come February.

But I don’t know anything about house plants. Where does one get them? Is this something I can have delivered? What kinds are easy for a beginner? How much watering/fertilizing is needed? I want some that stand tall and some that are more droopy/hangy, but I don’t know the names of any of them. Do I need fancy pots for them? Any recommendations or advice on getting started would be appreciated.


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