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Welcome To The Bitchery
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House Question! A New Homeowner Needs Some Advice

So, one of our garage door openers is really old. Like early 90's old. It does not have a photo eye sensor to stop the door from coming down if someone crosses its path. Up until last night, it didn't even have a remote. It's a long story - we thought it didn't have a remote, but it did and the old owners brought it by yesterday.

Anyways, last week I scheduled to have a new garage door opener installed. Now that I have the remote, I'm thinking I should cancel the install (Really, I only wanted a new door opener for my convenience). But, the garage door opener is rather old and it's not very safe (but, I don't have kids, so I don't care so much about that).


Thoughts? Opinions? Help!

UPDATE: I'm going to just go through with it. I already broke up with my money in my mind. lol.

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