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House Rules

I’m listening to The Sporkful, and this week they’re talking to kids about their eating habits. There’s this segment in it where the host interviews Hilary Frank, who hosts the parenting podcast The Longest Shortest Time, about her childhood food memories. And one of her strongest memories was about eating dinner at her friend’s house for the first time where she didn’t know they had a “no elbows on the table” rule and she got scolded by the parents. This left a lifelong negative impression on her and it got me to thinking about weird house rules or rituals I’ve encountered at other people’s homes.

So question of the day: what were some house culture shocks you’ve had while visiting other people’s houses, and what things were normal to you but strange to your visiting friends? For instance, I’ve written before about going to my first slumber party and then having no idea how to say grace. But at the same time my family regularly ate dinner sitting on the floor around the coffee table, which was super awkward for a lot of friends who came over.


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