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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Houseguest Etiquette: a question

In a few weeks, Mister Farce and I are having peripheral friends visit/stay with us.

They pretty much invited themselves, but whatever. Last time we hung out, it was surprisingly nice.


Okay, so this couple is... very forward about their sexing. Like, it's their favorite topic of conversation, and being native New Englanders the Mister and I go all double secret Purtian about the intercoursing in the company of others. We can play CAH with the best of them, but as soon as you attach actual people to sex it gets weird. Yes, we bang with the lights off, how did you know?*

We are confident they will make the sex in our guest room and it's weirding both of us out. In part, this is due to the fact that the guest bed headboard shares a wall with out bed. This is in addition to the fact that half of this couple has propositioned the Mister in the past and all of this couple has propositioned me.


Anyway, guest room sex: yes or no? Defend your answer from both host and guest perspective.

*joking. OR AM I???? I'm so mysterious.

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