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Everything sucks, let’s talk about our houseplants.

Yesterday, my brother posted a picture of his own plant collection, where he pondered getting his babies a grow light. My wife made fun of us because apparently the strong need to nurture some greenery runs in the family.


I’m very lucky that Little Dude is well behaved and doesn’t care about the many plants I keep around, so I don’t have to worry too much about getting things that are specifically pet safe. My Jade lasted me a good 10+ years, but died when we moved to our new apartment. But now I have an echeveria to take it’s place as my resident succulent, along with the pilea peperomioides (pictured at the top), a dracaena marginata that I rescued from the parking ramp trash that had a free sign on it, a cosmos I grew from seed, my 7 herb plants, a maranta leuconeura that I’ve revived from near death (DO NOT BUY FROM THE SILL!), an oyster mushroom log, my collection of carnivorous plants under domes, and my newest, fussiest member of the family, my fiddle leaf fig. I gave it its own humidifier because I’m terrified of upsetting it.

I have a couple of monstera on the way, as well as a bay plant and a potted blueberry bush in the spring. Mrs. B just bought her first plant of her own, a sand dollar cactus, that she will name after whoever eventually wins Iowa.

Even with the little jungle I’m already building up, I feel like we have room for more. I think I have a problem. Tell me about your indoor plants!

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