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I have two options for NYC housing - I am going to take one or the other:

1. My own apartment. Pros: my own space, decent apartment, pretty large, next door to a guy with a little dog (I really like dogs), no security deposit or first month’s rent due (it’s a casual rental from another postdoc). Cons: very large apartment building, in the Bronx (so 2 trains from school, and not on manhattan, which had been my goal), no laundry in the building.

2. Shared apartment: Pros: right near 1 and A trains, so just one train to school, cheaper (shared, but also rent would be cheaper), on manhattan - so close to everything, laundry in building, dishwasher in kitchen. Cons: not my own apartment, one of the bedrooms is very small, large payment up front (incl broker fee), looks like the building had a lot of complaints a few years ago - nothing in recent years.


Part of me feels like sharing might not be bad given that it is a new city and it might be nice to have someone around. But, the rumor is postdocs will just have cubicles - so if I don’t have my own space, I might end up an emotional wreck (I’m quite introverted).

Which would you choose?

UPDATE: Thank you for all the input. I decided on the shared apartment. We only have a 9 month lease - and I can deal with anything for that long. It gives me a chance to figure out what I want longer term (since I have a 3 year fellowship) and where I wold prefer to live. I have really wanted to live on Manhattan and to be in the thick of things - and this lets me do so. I also am interested in trying to live with someone. This place is super close to the main campus, so if I take any classes there, I can just walk to/from home - which is super exciting. And it is just one train ride away from my part of campus. I’m hoping that being so close to everything will encourage me to stop working and do stuff. Fingers crossed!

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