So, Mrs. Blalock and I still haven’t signed a lease. The company that manages the beautiful apartment we fell in love with the moment we walked in has asked for ridiculous amounts of data on us. Here is a short list:

Three most recent paystubs for both of us (normal, totally okay with this)

Letters from both of our jobs stating employment and salary (also expected this one)

A letter of reference from our current landlord (not outrageous)

Copies of our last three months rent checks (Here I thought the landlord reference letter would settle that)

Three previous years of tax returns (not unheard of, but starting to get silly)

Our most recent fully detailed bank statement (umm, dafuq?)

A copy of our marriage certificate (seriously?)

And now, today, they want a copy of our most recent paystubs because this whole process has taken long enough that another pay period has come and gone.


This is to rent a place. Not buy, not even to apply for a CO-OP. Rent a regular apartment. I am trying to not just cut and run. They swear this place is ours once we get all of the proper paperwork in place.

Good thing our current lease isn’t up until the end of the month.