Hello folks! Rawrglicious here to show you my boobs!

Lol JK! Well not really, there are numereous pictures of my titties, but they're all clothes pictures so don't get too excited! Turns out, I'm really bad at taking pictures of myself, so hopefully you'll be able to see the difference between the shitty bra and the good ones, but everyone seems to wear bras that don't fit and it makes me very angry. The next time I hear/see someone say "Oh but Victoria's Secret really does carry a large selection of sizes" I might have to murder them. Anywho, Here we go!

The bras I am wearing in said pictures are, in this order, The Lilyette: Enchantment Unlined 3-Part Cup Back Smoothing Bra and The Curvy Kate Daily Boost. The Lilyette bra is a 36F, while the Curvy Kate is a 34HH.


From this point on , I'm going to refer to the pictures as Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc. because I have no idea how to make the pictures go where I want.

Let's get started!

The bra I'm wearing in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 is the Lilyette bra in the 36F.


Look at how sad and droopy my boobs look? I also had some quad boob going on, which is never good, but the tank top kind of disguised it. The side view is what I look like when I'm wearing my sports bra. Not good.

In Fig. and Fig 4. I'm wearing the Curvy Kate Daily Boost in a 34HH, which is much better.


The Curvy Kate looks so much better! Although it has a molded cup, it does have seams so it doesn't give the super round shape that a lot of people like, but that's ok with me.So this is my before and after post! I hope y'all can see the differences. I can, but thye were on me.


Also, here is a pic of me in my favorite/most expensive dress that I've never worn everywhere