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How About Instead Of Another Sheena, Queen of Jungle Reboot A Fantomah Movie?

I never got the appeal of Sheena, Queen of The Jungle. The tv series was around same time that Xena was on and it was not even close in quality.

So how about Millenium Pictures instead doing a Fantomah movie instead of a Sheena reboot movie. Fantomah is considered the first super heroine and the graphics and stories had a wackiness to them.

I am not sure how big a fan base Sheena really has? I am not sure if the tv series won’t hurt sales. I would just take a chance on doing a Fantomah movie.


They could do both but two Jungle based movies? Digital Comics Museum website has the Fantomah comics archived, worth reading just for the art. Its listed under their Collections section.

Yes Fantomah transforms her head into a skull. She is also merciless transforming some villians into creatures as punishment or let’s them die in quicksand.


Article on the Sheena movie.

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