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When it comes to moving seats for couples on private transportation?

I was reminded of a recent incident by one of Prudie's questions this week. I was on a Greyhound going from Toronto to London (about 2.5 hours). After making sure I got to the station with plenty of time to spare, I snagged a window seat and started getting comfy. When the bus was near capacity, a couple came on and saw that while they could sit near each other, they wouldn't get to sit together. One of the people in this couple asked a section of the bus if anyone would mind moving seats so he could sit with his girlfriend. Basically everyone ignored him, and he replied with some short but snarky remark. I'm not sure if anyone ended up giving up their seat for them in the end.


I've been on the other end of this, having travelled with partners and friends in the past. Of course you want to sit with someone you know, not only for the company but because you don't feel obligated to keep up the strict personal space bubbles.

But I've only had to sit separate from my travel partner once because I get there early. If it's just me, fuck it. But if I'm travelling with someone, you bet your biscuits we'll be at the front of the queue. Should we be separated, oh well. Life is like that. With the exceptions of old people or those with exceptional needs (kids, disabilities, etc.) my desire to have a window seat is no greater that your desire to sit with your partner.

Prudie's answer is diplomatic and generally correct, in my mind. Don't ask someone to go from a better situation to a worse situation. Give yourself more time to get there, check in online if you have the option. I've never been on a flight where it was impossible to choose your seat somewhere along the line, either paying for it when you buy your ticket or choosing your seat when you check in 24 hours in advance.

What do you guys think? Have you been forced to sit in a bad situation because someone asked you to move or because someone wouldn't move? What is a reasonable request?

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