How is everybody feeling this Saturday afternoon ?

It is extra gloomy here in the Bay Area and all my going to the park plans were ruined...we were going to hit up golden gate park to do this

but I changed my mind and my kids are upset. Big C is not talking to me right now.

Instead I took them bowling, and for ice cream. But for some reason they believed I was going to drive all the way to San Francisco after that. NOPE! So we are now at home, I am making boxed mac and cheese for lunch because I do not feel like making a big deal out of it. AND I AM WAITING FOR GROUP DRINK TONIGHT! because that is my me time now adays.


Hopefully your part of the world is a little sunnier and more eventful than mine. Tomorrow will definitely be more fun!


also, can anyone recommend a good netflix/amazon movie for kids, we have to DO SOMETHING BEFORE THEY START FIGHTING. there has been peace since we walked in the house 30 minutes ago, but it will not last long