Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have 60 final projects to grade. Here is what I am doing instead:

1. Watch Notting Hill (this movie is horrible, how do I get caught every time? It's so bad they had to play entire songs because the actors refused to say crappy script out loud*)


2. Vacuumed.

3. Cleaned out and reorganized dressser.

4. Ate pizza rolls

5. Am now watching Naked and Afraid.

6. Am trying to diplomatically write an email saying.. dear fuckhead, your conference on technology in the classroom has nine speakers. One of them is a woman. We have already spoken about this problem last year when there were zero women. This campus is chockful of women using technology in the classroom. We rock at it. I sent you a list of 25 women. None of them are on this list. WTF is your fucking problem.


7. Played Dweeze's Thursday Scramble where I learned I am really Rufus Wainwright. But gayer and older.

I am not doing well on #6. I'm thinking a coffee/bailey's/kahula/vodka might help.


Papers graded: zero


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