Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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How are you today OT

I’m in such a weird head space today. I’m just going to ramble here and get it out.

So, I’ve kind of been in denial about my shoulder injury for a while. Like I’ve been treating it as no big deal,even though it’s a chronic problem. Well...yesterday in class, my most favorite ballet teacher who I think the world of, noticed me flinching in class in center and stopped everything to ask me what was going on. I was like, oh, it’s just my old injury...my arm goes numb sometimes. And she basically lectured me about seeing a doctor and probably a neurologist, and that it could be serious. I kind of wanted to cry because I always act that way when people are sort of maternal towards me, and also because I couldn’t be in denial about getting it checked out anymore.


I’m also wearing a perfume today that actually makes me feel kind of manic. Like, it’s beautiful, but a bit too much, and a bit weird and unsettling.

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