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Welcome To The Bitchery
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How are your typing skills?

Things have been slow at work but I'm trying not to be a total slacker so I'm practicing my 10 key typing! I've hardly ever used 10 key but I do a lot of data entry for my admin job so I think it's a skill I should probably hone now that I'm trying to be professional and shit. It's really hard and feels super foreign to me!


Got me thinking back to my 8th grade computer class. We did 15-20 minutes of Mavis Beacon every day and it did me a lot of good. I'm a fairly speedy touch typist at upwards of 90-95 words per minute, although I don't think I follow the exact technique you're supposed to. Long evenings chatting with friends on MSN messenger for years gave me a lot of practice too.

So how did you learn to type? Are you proficient at touch typing or do you do the ol' hunt and peck? There's no shame in any game.

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