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The Cardinal and I did our gift exchange on Boxing Day, even though we'd already bought our presents prior to Christmas because we're not terribly bright. But also because we had three Christmases to navigate and didn't want to rush our own evening.


He bought me the above two items:

1) The Estee Lauder Zodiac compact in "Aquarius."

This is exactly what I asked for, so it's not a reflection on the Cardinal's taste when I say this: I'm not 100% sure I love it. It's super heavy and the formula is amazing and the quality of the compact is top-notch. But I always tend to hate the designs for my sign because it's either two wavy lines or a jug. So I appreciate them trying to jazz up a seriously boring theme, but I feel like they sort of bedazzled themselves a bridge too far here. I don't know. Yay/nay?

2) The Naked 3 Palette.

So this is sold out. Everywhere. And I was really grateful to receive it and it looks amazing. I'm really pale (like creepy pale) with a lot of pink-ness, so this is the first palette that's actually worked for my coloring. But it's sold out. Everywhere. So I side-eyed the Cardinal and asked what kind of organ he had to sell to get it.


And y'all...

The Cardinal went to a Sephora release party to buy this for me. He had to stand around for like an hour while people talked about a makeup palette so he could earn the right to buy it at a specific time. That's more than I would've done to get this palette, and I love standing around and talking about makeup with people.


I love him.

Anyway. Mostly I wanted to brag about these awesome gifts and ask if anybody bought anything nice on Boxing Day.

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