I wish I had 10 grand.

I have two dollars in the bank, seventy cents in my pocket, and we are going to be scraping by to make rent this month. I need fifteen dollars to order a transcript for the three years of school I have to send to a school that will let me complete my BA online.

Then I need personal references. And it's a degree in Leadership because a General Fine Arts degree cannot be completed online. And now that I live in the States, I don't know how to get into a US university - or pay for the tests that getting into one necessitates?

Of course, these are small obstacles. Once I get accepted into a program, I very likely have funding from my band (likely but not for sure).

Anyone any good at figuring this stuff out? Resources? Help? Want to see my transcript?


I've got three years of general fine arts from ECUAD.ca ... I would really love to finish there, then we would have to move. I would be more employable with a degree.

I'm also working on a gofundme.com so that I can offer prints and Christmas cards. IS it too late for that?



How many of you have degrees. What are they in, are they useful? Did you get scholarships? How did you get funding? I want to know everything!