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How can we work on things if I don't see you??

If my decision about my relationship would be made purely in this moment, the relationship wouldn't stand a chance.

Monday was our first Real Session with the therapist. It was good. We had a good dinner and talked well before bedtime. Much communication was had, it showed promise for the future. But a deadline looms over me. Next monday is my next session and the time when my future roomie wants to know if she needs to look for someone else.


We didn't see each other last night. I had dinner plans with a friend from out of town (but was home early since he had to leave early), he got home at 1.30. Right now he's at a 2-day work thing that includes dinner and drinks. He will also be there tomorrow. When I asked him if he'd try to come home tomorrow night he said that he would try but couldn't get there home after 8 at the least. These arrangements are legitimate, so I don't feel like complaining. Friday is traditionally spent with coworkers (in my and in his case).

I just got a text from him asking him if I'd be okay with him going to see Interstellar with his friends on saturday. Saturday night is also the birthday party of a shared friend where I will be going, can't very well say no if I'm still preoccupied. Yet I'm so so so so so annoyed! At the very least because I'd LOVE to go see Interstellar and he should know that. (I know where I'm going for my first alone-datenight), that he's always hated going to the movies (although to be fair, he went with me last week) but mostly...

How can I know if we are getting better at this thing if I DONT SEE HIM.

I wouldn't usually care at all. I'm used to not seeing him most of the week. I don't even care about that, we'll catch up. But NOW? At this point in our relationship? How the hell can I make decisions if my sample size of together time is so damn small??


Damn him! If I were basing my decision on this moment, I'd be out of here. I'm so annoyed!

PS: I know this is irrational anger, made worse by all the emotions and such. But I feel like.. COME ON. What the hell.


ETA: I've responded that I'm unhappy that he even asked considering what an important week this is and we should be focusing on each other. Also that I feel like I cant really say no and I'd rather he'd go a different week.

ETA 2: he responded that he won't go then and he just wanted my opinion and he's glad I was honest to him! Succes! :)

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