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My father was in the area so he stopped by. For some reason my mother mentioned Iran. He said “at least I am too old to be sent again overseas to fight”. My first thought was “what the hell”. My mother said nothing.

He quickly changed the subject it’s like he thought “said it to wrong person” then said he had errands to run. He is a liar my mother spent years realizing what he said and did were lies. Growing up until high school she always believed he was honest.

This she knew outright exactly what he did and where he was right before and during Vietnam. He was in National Guard for about a year doing once a month stuff on the weekend all preVietnam.


Well she exploded when he left. My comment was “he said it so casually he must say it to others”. She replied “that’s obvious and he knows I know”. She then talked about this man she knew growing up who is now in a nursing home, She calls him about every other week. She said how he still feels guilty when he convinced a friend preVietnam to join up with him to the Navy for free college tuition. Well not long after Vietnam started and his friend lost a leg. My mother knew him too. 

I know she hated hippies and won’t watch a second of the Woodstock memory shows. Yet she cries every year watching the PBS Memorial Day concert she she says how she loves how these vets from that war are now honored but were spat on then.

I hope folks from that era are not saying they went. Although I wonder if some folks who avoided the draft or just did not go may be saying they went depending on who they talk to. I know that recent documentary about women who were part of the Manson family she called it a pity party. Yeah she hates the Manson family. When I attempt to say “but” she says “they killed innocent people period”.

Amazingly she is a fierce liberal but not about this era. This lie has really angered her.

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