So, there's a Cory Booker post on the mainpage (yay!). This reminded me that at the GT Meet-up we spoke some about The Honorable Mayor Booker, and I promised I'd share this particular video.

Last year, I graduated from Bard College. For those who don't know, Bard has opened a few public schools called Bard High School Early College. BHSEC is a school where all of the students graduate with an Associate's degree. The first two years are a condensed version of the high school curriculum, and the last two students take college level classes and obtain college credit. It's an amazing program (and even better since it's public school!). BHSEC Manhattan was actually the highest ranked school in the city (and had a better grade than any of the privates).

My best friend attended the original BHSEC in Manhattan, and thanks to her program, she was able to complete a joint BA/Masters program in 4 years. Since she graduated, Bard has opened up BHSEC Queens, and in 2011 they opened BHSEC Newark and Cory Booker came to deliver the 2012 commencement address.

Some of you have recently finished school, others are working on it, and for others those days are pretty far behind you. All of you should still watch this video:

I have never heard a more engaging speaker. When he ended his speech, the entire audience was on their feet. If Cory Booker ever runs for president (god please), then I will happily volunteer for his campaign. Just hearing him speak for 30 minutes made me believe in him with all my heart.