This is io's old toy. He would not give this toy up for anything, even after he ate all the feathers off it and it smelled kinda weird. I bought him a beautiful new toy and he despised it. Janky old toy (notice how all the feathers are eaten off):

So, I thought, jeez, I feel bad because Baby Kitty is playing with the trash-looking thing, so maybe I'll buy him something new and sparkly and plump with brand new feathers! So I bought this for him at least six months ago and he has turned his little shiny nose up at it until now. New toy (look at all the feathers!):


He loves the shit out of this damn toy, now!! He gets it out at 3AM so we will play with him. JINGLE JINGLE! JINGLE! HEE HEE! JINGLEJINGLEJINGLEJINGLEJINGLE. He even stretches out on the floor and hugs it. I love how he pretends to be a real cat and shakes it back and forth when he picks it up, like he's trying to kill it. (Killing is cute.) He trots around with it in his mouth and I fucking swear I die every time he does it because it's so damn CUTE. Also, io has shreds of cardboard by his head because his new thing to do is chew cardboard.

More gratuitous pics of my kitty; sorry, but I have no more text with which to 1) flesh out this frivolous post and 2) make the photo/text alignment less jarring on the eyeballs. :)