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How Did HG Wells and Other Futurists Go So Wrong?

I saw today a dvd of Things To Come.

He and writers like A.C. Clarke and others all dead wrote about the future in which religion is eradicated and seen as taboo. Knowledge and science will be what guides society. In Things To Come religion is suppose to be gone by now.


It seems we are going in reverse. Not just reverse but where ignorance is a blessing and means you have common sense and being smart means you lack common sense.

In the name of religion has killed how many hundreds of thousands in just 20 years. Six million plus exterminated in parts of Europe for being a Jew during the 30s through 1945.

In the name of religion has given folks a reason to be bigots.

Maybe this will be the last gasp of religion. That they will be right in the long run.


Folks you need to tell your children “Humans created God in Their Own Image Due To Fear and Ignorance”.

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