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How did I even get forklift certified?

Since apparently I need a penis to operate one?

Most truck drivers that show up at my work for their freight are usually at least politely surprised that I can drive a forklift (and damn well, to be modest) but there are a couple that are consistently shocked and laugh when they see me jump in the seat. One said, "Wow, you don't look like you can drive a forklift!" and another said, "I thought you were just the office girl!"

Okaaaaay... But this guy today totally pissed me off. I met him at the dock door, with his freight, and I put the brake on the forklift and jumped down to open the door for him. He looked at me with a smug, doubtful look on his face and asked if I was able to pull forward a little and raise the forks higher to get the crate in his truck, and I was like, uuh... Yes?


Then he asked if he could just do it himself. And I told him no, he couldn't, because that would be a liability. And he said, "Don't worry, it's not breakable."

Okay, man. I get it. For some strange reason you think I am incapable of doing my job. I get this all the time but it's not usually so blatant. It is so fucking irritating. Lady on a forklift, watch out, y'all!

I swear, next time I'm going to jump off the forklift and say, "You're right, I am completely unable to drive this! And you can't, either. Company policy. Have fun moving your 1000lb cargo!"

Good lord!

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