In yesterday's compilation of Best TV Kisses, no one mentioned when the Doctor kissed River Song in The Name of the Doctor.

Until then, he'd been the kissee, never the kisser, so when he planted one on River, it was surprisingly hot. Today, TVLine has its Best TV Kisses Part II: The Commenters Have Spoken. I think our list was pretty good. Are there any others that we missed? Any kisses that caused you to look at a character in a different way? (good or bad)?

For example, in season 2 of Heroes, when Sylar kisses Maya in the doorway, so she won't see her brother's body on the floor of the motel room, I saw Sylar in a whole other light.


Suddenly, Sylar was a supervillain, prepared to use sex to further his own purposes. Prior to that, he'd been the misunderstood, reclusive nerdy guy. This opened up a whole new side to him, that was really fun to watch.


Who/what else did we miss?