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How did you know the house you bought was "your house"?

Hi GT! Tell me your house buying stories please, and how you decided or knew when the house you bought was the one for you.

I’m just starting the process of looking at houses after about 30 years of dreaming about it, about 5 of saving up for down payment and fixing my credit, 3 years of checking listings online every day, and about 1 year of knowing I was ready but being too scared to do it (yall, I was born in a trailer park and I have CRAZY imposter syndrome about being the type of person who can buy a house, even a cheap one). I am also a very homebody person, so my home is super important to me as a place of peace and comfort and refuge.

So....needless to say, there is a lot of emotion tied up in it. And I’m trying to figure out my decision making process. I have a realtor; I have preapproval. I just need to find a house. And I don’t know how you make a decision that big. Is it based on pros and cons? Is it based on a gut feeling? When you walked into the house you bought did you just feel it was the one or did you think “I like X, Y and Z, but don’t like A or B, but that’s okay with me”.


I am also hampered by the fact that what broke me out of my rut was that I found the PERFECT house. Size, layout, location, design, price, everything was perfect about it right down. Literally the only house I’d seen in a year that had everything on my checklist and was in my price range. It was listed on Friday morning; I saw it Friday night and put an offer in Saturday morning after double checking my financing, and they’d already had another offer and accepted it. I TRIED, damn it. (I did put in a backup offer but the original offer went through). So now I’m also comparing evvvverrrryyyyyything I see to that house. ANd that seems... bad? Is it?

I don’t know! Please tell me your anecdotes and advice, anything you regret and anything you are happy that you did.

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