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How did you learn to type?

I remember it vividly in 1982 in my Boys Catholic High School taking the Typing Course which was a semester long. The nun had taught it for years three times a day to three different sets of students. Any grade could take the course.

No one ever dreamt this would be the most important course in high school. No one in class would have dreamt we would in the future type far, far more then write. We all thought “oh this could improve our class average plus its a way not to take harder classes”. I wonder sometimes if before she died if she realized how utterly important her class would become and how typing supplanted writing. Yes I still believe this was the most important course in high school.


Yet I really have no specific memories of learning to write. Cursive yes but somewhat. Writing as a child and I am sure now kinda learnt through as close to osmosis as you can get. It was just something you picked up.

I have noticed young people typing away at far younger ages then I was taught. Yet at a traditional keyboard like on a computer I wonder if they would type formally ie position of wrists, fingers.

Yet formal typing as I and many other oldsters have discovered is useless on a small keyboard for Smart TVs or Tablets. Although I still touch type. On my Smart TV I use thumbs, tablet both middle fingers. I only formally type on a computer keyboard although your wrists and fingers do not move like on a manual. Once you learn how to touch type you just have to adapt your fingers although I still keep my wrists straight.

I assume this generation will pick up typing like previous generations just picked up how to write.


Although does this new generation pick up how to write like past generations? Has typing and using screens hindered when young writing skills? I do not know. Parents here know?

So when did you learn to type.

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