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How do I 1920's fashion easily?

In a couple weeks my boyfriend's volunteer dept is having a casino night fundraiser with a 1920s theme (yeah, they sure went for originality there.....). I'm trying to figure out how to dress at least somewhat thematically for it. Going too all out would be a little overkill for this situation, it's the volunteer dept in a little town, but I would like to at least acknowledge the theme. Of course, most people that "match" the theme are probably going to do the stereotypical version of the 20s. You know, the one in which they were all flappers and had cigarette holders and a hip flask. It's in the same timeline in which everybody in the 60s was a hippie and everybody in the 80s wore all fluorescent spandex all the time. The problems I'm running into are:

1) My hair is either too short or too long for most of the styles of the era my internet searching brings up. Mine just brushes my shoulders. I'm tempted to do a Gibson roll, even if nobody will get it. People seem to forget not all women of that era were flappers. Either that, or see if I can find a cloche hat, because those are adorable.

2) I am the opposite of the "ideal figure" for most of the common looks of the 20s, I have a large chest and hips and a high waist. So shift dresses and dropped waists look terrible on me. And, I don't have the time, money, or desire to waste a lot of time shopping for a dress I'll wear once, any basic ideas.


3) I figure the easiest place to get the "right" look is with make-up, but I'm having a hard time figuring out what would look right.

So, anybody have some ideas on how I can get the right look with the minimal effort?

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