My mother and I saw a woman about 30 with a long skirt with long slits. My mother noticed her legs were covered with tattoos. She said to me “that had to have been painful”. Me “what is painful”. I was not paying attention to the woman. My mother “her tattoes”. Me: “no clue”. My mother “I wonder why she did it”. Me: “no idea”.

Note this woman was far away from us and could not hear us.

This is not the first time she asks this. Often while watching American Pickers she asks why Danielle has a necklace tattoo. She used to think she just had it painted on then realized it was a tattoo. My answer is always a form of “no idea”.

Neither of us have tattoos. It puzzles her why people have them especially women. I think its a persons own business. I know she gets that but still puzzles her. She is in her 70s. I suspect thats typical in her age group based on folks her age I have known.

Is there a good answer besides “no idea” or “their choice” which I said before but less so then “no idea”. I suspect reasons for getting them are myriad.