I'm a side sleeper. When I was a little kid one of my aunt's friends died on a boozy camping trip from choking on his own vomit while sleeping on his back. As a child, that was absolutely terrifying to me, and while I knew how he died (why? Why did I know that? I can only imagine it's because trash talking about "alkies" used to be one of my mothers favorite pastimes) I was too young to understand the context and that it wasn't just something that was going to happen to me.

I haven't slept on my back since that day.

Now, I'm noticing some of the unfortunate side effects of side sleeping, weird proto-wrinkles in weird places showing up years before they have any right. A vertical line down the side of my nose, parallel lines under my eyes (not normal crow feet activity, actually parallel to my lash line), and some nice ones inbetween the boobs. Nice. I can handle this shit (as in blast them into oblivion with treatments), but not if I continue to make it worse every night by smooshing my face into a pillow and smashing my boobs together, but sleeping on my back is so uncomfortable to me! I think my pillow is too fluffy, right off the bat, so it pushes my chin towards my chest, not comfortable. I also like having support on the side of my head, does that make sense? Am I really weird? I've tried using a sleep mask while still sleeping on my side, but that doesn't help, and it certainly doesn't help the boob situation.

I just cannot get comfortable on my back (no comment from the peanut gallery, thanks!). What do I need? To be surrounded by body pillows? I'd need a new head pillow, that's for sure, but what type? I dunno, maybe I just need one of these (NSFW if drawn boobs are not safe for your work):


Does anyone else deal with this? Has anyone made the switch from side sleeping to back sleeping? Halp.

ETA: Or does anyone have any wrinkle reducing suggestions for the side sleeper?