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How do I convince a possible landlord that SHE WANTS ME as a tenant?

So I am desperately looking for temporary summer housing in my city and I found literally the perfect place on Craigslist. However, it's probably perfect for a bunch of other people too. The lady I emailed says she will be "Skype interviewing" me and is stressing about finding someone "chill but respectful" ...ie no partying, no smoking, no pets, no live-in partners, etc. How do I let her know that I am possibly the most quiet, respectful, and clean tenant she will ever meet? Without sounding like I'm bullshitting...

Like, when I think about living with me, here are my good qualities:

Love to clean. Deep clean bathroom and kitchen once a week. I really like doing it...


Don't drink. At all.

No friends in the city (over summer anyway) to party with.

Go to bed at 10pm every night - plus I will have an 8am - 6pm job Monday - Friday so I'll be busy and tired and won't be even remotely loud.

In a long distance relationship so no sketch bf hanging around at all hours.

Will be working in housing at my college next year so I have extensive experience in maintaining an apartment, conflict resolution, and handling my own shit.


Anyone could say that crap and it doesn't seem anymore convincing than someone just being like "oh yeah I'm cool"... in the end she'll probably decide over the ~vibes~ she receives and I'm just worried I won't measure up.

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